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Achieve. Optimise. Excel. Empowering Businesses for Success


 Who we are

Asturia is a cutting-edge, boutique consulting firm, committed to delivering exceptional solutions to organisations facing complex challenges in leadership, strategy, and execution.

What we do 

We offer a wide range of services across strategy, organisation, and operations, tailored to optimise your business needs. We are dedicated to providing extraordinary outcomes that are prompt, straightforward, and of top-notch quality. Our consulting team is committed to helping you achieve your goals with maximum speed, precision and impact.


We are renowned for our ability to tackle our clients’ most demanding challenges swiftly and effectively, even in the face of constant change and uncertainty.

 How we do it

When you work with us, you can be sure that you are getting the same level of expertise and quality that you would receive from a top tier consulting firm, but at a fraction of the cost. We provide the added benefit of personalised attention and a results-oriented approach.

About Us
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What We Offer


Strategy advisory
  • Supporting Business Planning Processes: providing feedback and support to ensure that your business plan aligns with  your business objectives and goals.

  • Enterprise Risk Assessment: identifying the risks that could affect your business, enabling timely mitigation and ensuring operational continuity. This includes financial, operational, legal, reputational, and strategic risks.

  • Assessment of Strategic Options and Opportunity Management: supporting the evaluation of strategic options and highlighting opportunities that could help your business grow. The aim is to help you stay competitive and take advantage of new trends and developments in your industry.


Decision making consulting
  • Organisational Analysis and Optimisation: assessing your organisational structure and identifying areas for improvement to optimise your operations and increase efficiency.

  • Internal Audit Set Up and Transformation: designing the ideal Internal Audit function for your organisation in terms of size, capabilities, processes, methodology and routines. Enhancing the maturity of your existing function, assessing its quality and effectiveness, and elaborating a customised road map for development.

  • Corporate Culture Review, Refocus And Update (Vision, Mission, Values): ensuring that your corporate culture reflects your organisation's goals, and is aligned with your overall strategy.


Project Management
  • Process Mapping: mapping your organisation's processes to identify inefficiencies, including duplication of activities, bottlenecks, and reduce costs.

  • Project Health Assessment: reviewing your ongoing Projects´ Strategic Intent and  Business case, Project Team Roles and Responsibilities, Project Management Tools and Routines, Risk Assessment, and Progress and Timelines. The aim is to improve project management processes and ensure that projects are delivered on time, within budget, and to the required quality standards.

  • Readiness Assessment: assessing your organisation's readiness in areas such as sustainability, compliance with relevant regulations, and technology, with the aim to identify any gaps and develop strategies to timely address them.


In-depth Knowledge

At Asturia, we pride ourselves on our unique combination of experience. Our team have spent years practicing their craft at some of the world's leading management consulting firms, honing their skills, and developing a deep understanding of the industry's best practices...

Practical Experience

...but we don't stop there. We know that practical, hands-on experience is just as important as theoretical knowledge, which is why all our consultants have also spent years working in-house at a variety of organisations. With many years of experience under their belts, our experts have provided impactful solutions to companies of all sizes (from global leaders to innovative start-ups).

Industry Focus

Our team have provided their expertise to  a broad range of industries demonstrating ability to adapt and excel in any setting. These include FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Transportation, Telecommunications, Fintech, and Outsourcing Services. This combination of experience has made us experts in delivering practical solutions that work in the real world, not just on paper.

Why Us
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We operate on a global scale from our hubs in London and Berlin. We are eager to hear from you and explore what we can achieve together.


Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help your business succeed.


You can contact us at

Find us on LinkedIn to stay up-to-date on our latest news and insights. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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